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Client Success Stories

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“Smita has made me realise that the answers to my problems are within me. My productivity increased and confidence sky-rocketed after the sessions with her. She celebrated my small successes and helped me overcome my challenges. I have now started to believe that my goals are within reach.”

- Meghana, Vice  President in one of India's Leading Banks. Meghana worked with Smita on career clarity roadmap

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“Smita has a very structured way of looking at your issue and uncover the challenges that you didn’t realise you had in the first place. My communication skills have improved and confidence levels elevated, ever since we have been working together. I highly recommend her.”

-Rahul, Leadership Role of a leading MNC Real Estate Services company in India. Rahul worked with Smita to enhance his executive communication skills

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“Smita was a great coach and accountability partner in my Wellness journey. She made me realise that Wellness is a holistic approach rather than a momentary step, helped me lay out a roadmap to enhance my health and then challenged me to exceed my personal targets. I feel physically and emotionally rejuvenated, thanks in no small measure to her. I would highly recommend her to someone looking at wellness and effective workplace stress management.”

-Sapna, Country Manager, Leading Events Management MNC in India. Sapna worked with Smita to manage her wellness and stress levels

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“Smita, due to her background, understands the stresses of a professional career. She lends a patient ear and inculcates techniques to think through many of these challenges. She collaborates with you in structured approach which make you arrive at workable solutions which positively impacts performance.”

- A Singh, Investor, who hired Smita's services to improve his time management, productivity and decision making skills

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“Every session I had with Smita was an “Aha!” moment. Smita helped me identify impactful approaches to improve my executive communication. Her sessions were easy to understand, were linked to the goals I had, and easy to put into practice. I knew what I wanted out of the sessions, and yet have learnt much more against my expectations, and am very grateful to her for that.”

-Dr. Lokho John, Vice President in a leading consulting firm. Smita worked with Lokho to enhance his executive communication skills 

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Smita has kindled the fire in me which has boosted my confidence to the next level. The

coaching sessions were personalized based on my needs. Her tools and techniques have made a profound impact in my communication and presentation skills. I strongly recommend Smita for those who looking for transformation in their career and life.

- Lija, Senior Woman Leader in a leading IT Services MNC. Lija worked with Smita to enhance her communication and confidence

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The coaching has been really rewarding. Smita created an environment where we could have open conversations and get my concerns addressed. She is phenomenal listener and gave me fantastic tips to work toward my objectives. I can say I have become lot more confident person than I was before these sessions! Would recommend her to anyone who feel they are
stuck in their life and looking for guidance and clarification.”

- Kiran H, a senior finance leader at a leading MNC in India. Kiran hired Smita's services to enhance his executive communication skills

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“Smita has helped me to see better future through coaching. On a professional front, she has helped me work out a clear plan, encouraged me to set higher goals for myself. When I started the
journey of career advancement, I was bit anxious, but as days progressed, I became more
confident and started seeing positive results.

- Mahesh, Senior Leader in a multinational technology services company. Mahesh hired Smita’s services for career clarity, roadmap and transition

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“Smita knows what great communication is all about. She helped me overcome my inhibitions of presentations and provided simple yet powerful tips to articulate my thoughts in a clear, concise manner. I would highly recommend her to those looking to enhance their executive communication skills.”

- Preenu, senior leader in India's fast-food company. Preenu hired Smita's services to enhance his executive communication 

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Smita knows what good communication sounds like, and she imparts it in a manner which is astonishingly simple to understand and implement. Working with her has helped me become a more confident and impactful communicator. As a coach, she walks the talk when it comes to executive communication.

- Ajay, senior leader with a leading retail company in India. Ajay worked with Smita to enhance his executive communication 

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After 2 months of coaching with Smita, my attitude, my perspective towards myself as a professional and as a human being has changed 360 degrees. She demonstrates a unique sense of importance in my life and her insights and directions are always aimed towards my betterment as an individual. I feel very supported and backed in the accomplishment of my goals. I would want to connect every week throughout my life with her, my life would not be the same without Smita as my coach.”

- Deepti Nanda, Telecom Professional. Deepti worked with Smita to enhance her communication and boost her confidence

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I have been going through Smita’s leadership program for the past few weeks and she has been a successful part of my development program. She helps me focus, guides me whenever I am wrong,

understands me well, gives me an opportunity to think through and express my views. She gives me the right feedback as and when required. I am more confident now. Some of the tips that she

provided really helped me build great relationships with people we work together. Thanks, Smita for

all the efforts put in. I would definitely recommend Smita to all my friends. She is amazing.”

- Bhanu, HR Leader in an IT company. Bhanu worked with Smita to enhance her communication and confidence

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It’s important to balance your prior learnings and the future path which one is planning to traverse for achieving growth and Smita wonderfully helps you to develop the same. Each task which she suggests are designed in accordance with the demand of the situation in your transformation journey. She also gives you the freedom to improvise your approach and provide you critical evaluation over the same. I highly recommend her for people focused on self-development and achieving their career goals. The results will come along with the process provided one is committed and focused.”

- Gaurang Gupta, Senior Procurement Services Professional in India’s leading FMCG company. Gaurang worked with Smita for career clarity and job change 

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All the sessions were excellent. Smita’s coaching has greatly improved my communication and boosted my confidence and self-esteem. It was a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her to others.

- Deepak,  Senior Technical Leader working in leading IT services company. Deepak worked with Smita to enhance his communication skills

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I clicked with Smita right from the first session and am her biggest fan now. She seems to know it all. She has instilled confidence in me, and moreover, self-value. I cannot thank her enough for her guidance.”

- Prabhmit, Senior Service Delivery Leader in a leading IT company. Prabhmit worked with Smita to enhance her communication and confidence

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“Smita’s personal coaching to improve on Executive communication was incredibly valuable to me. Her advice was specific, relevant and provided in a structured manner that made me easy to put into practice.”

- Vijay P, a senior leader in one of India’s leading textile companies. Vijay hired Smita’s services to enhance his executive communication skills

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This eight-week program has been an exciting journey for me where it helped first me to look

inward and then improve my verbal and non-verbal communication. The sessions helped me to

develop strategies for improving my communication and image at my workplace and gain confidence and stature.”

- Bipin, senior finance leader in a manufacturing firm in India. Bipin worked with Smita to enhance his executive communication 

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Smita was a good sounding board for my problems and perspectives. She patiently listened to me and helped me explore new perspectives about my situation. She showed respect for my situation and made me feel validated and her ideas have brought me closer to solutions. I highly recommend working with her.

- Himanshu, senior leader in a leading Indian retail company. Himanshu worked with Smita for career clarity and direction

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Smita listened to my goals, aspirations, and challenges with empathy. In many cases she was able to offer interesting perspectives. She was easy to work with and offered a bag of techniques that helped put several goals on the right path.”

- Supreet, a senior leader in an IT company. Supreet worked with Smita for career clarity and progression

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I worked with Smita and this was my first time with a coach. She has been very patient

and been very helpful in showing the mirror. Her ideas are surely going to help me to be a better leader.”

- S Bakshi, a senior leader in an IT company in India, who hired Smita's services to enhance his leadership skills 

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“Having worked with multiple coaches in a two-decade and a half career, I can safely say that Smita is one of the most committed coaches I have come across. She is able to listen well, and ask probing questions for the coachees to come up with solutions. She was able to get to the root of the issue in my case early and offer a specific tool to address it. Recommend her strongly to anyone looking for transformation in any aspect of their life.”

-Madhumita Chakraborty. Madhumita hired Smita's coaching services to transition to a full-time corporate role after a semi sabbatical

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“The sessions with Smita have opened a new avenue towards the least focused domain of my life. Our interactions on financial avenues have already led me to take some initiatives which were hitherto not my forte. The progress due to coaching has been very affirmative and has allowed me to take a firm grip on my financial position and goals. Hope to abide by the principles of money, savings and investments. I appreciate the positive and reassuring guidance of Smita and highly recommend her. ”

- A Singh, a senior officer in the Indian Navy, who availed Smita's coaching services to get clarity on and achieve his financial goals

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Smita was great! I came to her with a personal and professional dilemma. We ended up tackling some habits that I wanted to change and inefficiencies in my career. I enjoyed the homework she gave because it changed my perspective towards looking at things to a
positive point of view. It is an ongoing process. I would highly recommend anyone to Smita who is truly serious about making a change in their life and career

- Madhuri Sewale, a working professional in a global BFSI company. Madhuri worked with Smita to improve her social and workplace communication 

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“Smita helped me to set my life and career goals and see my path to achieve them clearly, and enabled to shift to a bigger perspective and helped me appreciate my life better with her observations and ideas. We all go through times when we need an impartial and non-judgmental professional advice to sort the cobwebs in our mind.  We then see ourselves in new light and become much more confident of ourselves. For such positive impact in career and life we must without hesitation reach out to coaches like Smita. My best wishes to her! ”

- Tapasya Pundir. Tapasya hired Smita's services to restart her career after a break

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“I got to learn many things while working with Smita. Most importantly, I got to realise my true value that enhanced my confidence. It was really nice talking to her and have her as my coach.”

-E Peerzade, a Digital Marketing Professional, who hired Smita's services to get over anxiety and stress during public speaking

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“Smita has been a supportive coach. She has helped me analyze and form a clearer roadmap to achieve my goal. She also keeps you motivated by applying the approach which suits you the best. ”

- Meetali, Student. Meetali hired Smita's services for career clarity and roadmap post her post-graduation, and also decide on the best post-graduation option.

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Smita is an awesome coach. In our first session itself, she helped me articulate my goals in a measurable and time-bound manner. I had come to her with a particular concern, and she made me discover that the underlying root cause is something else. Taking her sessions was one of the best professional decisions that I made.”

- A Senior Woman Leader working in a Big 4 Company in India

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“Smita helped me arrive at a clear roadmap to work towards my goals. She effortlessly made me come out with smart action steps to achieve my goals and supported me to be self-reliant in achieving them. Working with her was one of the best investments that I have made in myself.”

- A Senior Leader in a Leading MNC in India

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“Smita was a patient listener and helped put my issues in perspective. I learnt to put myself high up in her priority list while working with her, which boosted my confidence levels. She is an excellent coach whom I would highly recommend to others.”

-Savitha, a senior leader in IT services. Savitha worked with Smita to enhance her communication and confidence levels 

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“I still remember when and how I reached out to Smita. I was not feeling excited to wake up everyday and not enjoying my 9-5 job. I knew I had to change something but wasn’t quite sure. How? When? What? Those were the questions running through my mind. I think I can safely say that she helped me chalk out a plan to make an industry shift while catering to all the hindrances I had. I would highly recommend her to help create a better future for you! ”

- An ex-Deloitte Employee. Smita helped her work out her career transition roadmap option

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Smita’s sessions added a lot of value and provided me a new perspective on productivity, organisation and time management. She heard what I said and incorporated my feedback continuously during the program. It was great working with her.”

- Nitin, Business Owner. Smita helped Nitin improve his time management and social networking skills

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Smita helped me use simple, implementable ideas to improve the efficacy of my daily work &

interactions. She helped me realize about the self-doubt and fear of speaking up that I had developed over time. Helped me understand the importance of constant communication –

formal & informal – between me and various stakeholders and use of various mediums.”

-AV, a senior professional working with a leading bank in India. AV worked with Smita for career progression and growth

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Smita is very thorough in her understanding of the challenges faced by her clients. She is an excellent listener and provides instant solution to your day-to-day work problems. It feels very

exciting working with her and sharing the challenges with her.

-Rohit, an IT professional with a leading US based company. Rohit hired Smita’s services to improve his time management and executive communication skills 

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Smita has helped me to organize my professional and personal life. Her personal coaching has transformed me completely. She changed my thought process to be more organized, more proactive, and focus on important work.
I always used to complete the professional goals, but they were with urgency and with stress. But now, with her approach and techniques, I am always one step ahead in all my goals and activities.
Her strong point is to make me understand and follow her techniques in day-to-day activities. Her communication is excellent. She is very good in explaining the concept and its importance, which made me apply those concepts in my personal and professional life.
I have started seeing positive results in my personal and professional life.

Thank you so much, Smita, for your valuable guidance. I recommend Smita to anyone who is looking for personal and professional growth.

- Rajiv Karambalkar, Director Application Development at ADP, USA. Rajiv worked with Smita to enhance his time management, leadership and Executive Communication skills

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I was lost & confused with my career goals and aspirations and had a lot of negative angst when it came to coping up with toxic roles in my past career. Smita has helped me introspect and find the answers within myself and now, I have a direction to my career path and goals. I feel more confident & aware of myself and most importantly value myself better. Kudos to her

to help empower me for a better future ahead.”

- Mohanish Rao Ghorpade, Experienced Marketing Professional. Mohanish worked with Smita
to get clarity on his career path and goals

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Smita is an amazing Executive coach with great listening skills & was able to provide a customized improvement plan as per my needs. This coaching really helped me to look at my

improvement areas from a different perspective & have a daily plan to improve them. Thanks a lot, Smita, for all your guidance.”

-Tarun, Senior HRIT Professional. Tarun worked with Smita to enhance his executive communication and public speaking skills

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I had the pleasure of working with Smita D Jain over the past few months and I cannot express enough how much of a positive impact she had on my professional growth. Her insights and techniques were spot-on, and helped me to find clarity, confidence and direction in my career. I was impressed with her ability to challenge me and push me outside of my comfort zone, while providing a safe and supportive environment for me to learn and grow. Smita is truly an exceptional coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance and support in their professional development.

-Malika, a senior professional in Media & Entertainment sector. Malika took Smita’s services for better career clarity and embarking on a new career path 

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I have been exploring different avenues to improve my communications and public speaking. I have attended many classroom and online trainings and explored different books. But I still felt that there is scope for improvements. Although I had been contemplating to work with a communication coach for some-time, I was initially sceptical about the coaching programs in general. And I took some-time to decide to speak with Smita for a session. I believe it was the best decision I took.


From the first session itself, Smita created a bespoke coaching program based on my needs and followed through the progress diligently. Smita is a patient listener and her coaching approach is non-judgmental. She understood my needs in details before providing solutions. She created a safe environment for me discuss my concerns and inhibitions.


The coaching program has provided me a roadmap for continuous improvement and I am a lot more confident to achieve my goals. Thank you Smita!

- Amit, a senior professional working in India’s e-commerce company. Amit worked with Smita to enhance his public speaking and executive communication skills

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You are great coach and I deeply value the time we have spent together and the progress you have helped me make in my life. I wouldn't be this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward without your support. Thanks a ton for all your online session support and also for supporting offline whenever needed.”

- NB, an experienced professional in the IT sector. NB hired Smita’s service for confidence building and career clarity

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In search of clarity and a cure for my procrastination, I turned to Smita. With her guidance, I discovered my top three goals and zeroed in on the most crucial one. Smita’s wisdom helped me expand my network by venturing out of my comfort zone and engaging in small talk with new people. She kept me on track with rewards and gentle reminders, always approachable and ready to answer any questions. Now, I feel invigorated and confident in my career path, all thanks to Smita’s coaching.”

-Ashwin.S, IT professional , Working at Fiserv. Smita worked with Ashwin to provide career clarity and direction

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My sessions with Smita were very productive. It gave me a good perspective of the areas of focus for my professional development and improvement. The weekly focus goals were simply awesome as they helped put theory to practice and discuss the outcomes each week. What I really liked was that the coaching was very well structured around my needs and the results I wanted to achieve and not a one size fits all. I would highly recommend using Smita for anyone looking to empower themselves to get better at what they do.

-Unnikrshnan Kurup, Director at a Digital Consulting Firm. Unni hired Smita’s service to enhance his executive communication skills

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Smita is a highly skilled and professional coach. She is insightful, thought-provoking and always provides valuable feedback. I have found her sessions to be very beneficial in terms of helping me to better understand myself and my work. She is a valuable resource and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for help in developing their career.

- Siddhesh Mithbavkar, Associate Director, LTIMindtree. Smita worked with Siddhesh for effective time management and better career clarity and direction

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Coaching was perfectly designed based on the needs and technics thought and materials provided to improve communication is simple and effective. Dedication shown by Smita Jain throughout the session is impressive.”

- Anand, a senior leader in financial services. Anand hired Smita’s service to improve his public speaking and executive communication skills

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Smita is a terrific listener and great at identifying key concern, even if you are unaware of the same. Her advice was never too unachievable, which helped me stay on track and adapt a strategy to resolve these issues, during and beyond the set sessions.”

-Dr. Gayatri Phadke, Deputy Manager at Enago. Smita worked with Gayatri for career clarity and direction

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“The coaching sessions have been very productive, and insightful. They allowed me to identify areas to focus upon and grow as a person.

Smita crafted a personalised plan, tailored to my specific needs. It helped me focus on getting the desired outcomes. And, setting weekly focus goals helped me stay on course. Throughout the sessions, I felt that I made tangible progress, which is the hallmark of a great coach.

Thank you, Smita, for helping me in my journey.”

-Sandeepan, IT Professional. Sandeepan worked with Smita for career clarity and direction and executive communication skills

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It was indeed a transformational experience for me. Being a Psychologist with 16 years of experience in applied behavioural science, I had a complete perceptual change and a solid transformation through my coaching session with Ms. Smita. Some of the effective and key learnings are Keep it Simple, Positivity in looking at any problems and go with the Confident Can-do attitude. I felt safe and open to learning through the sessions. The effectiveness of the learning was reflected in my personality growth.

- Sandeep PS, Seasoned Senior Psychologist. Smita worked with Sandeep for career clarity and confidence building 

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It has been a great experience getting into a coaching relationship with Coach Smita. Since it was my first time getting into such kind of an arrangement, I had no clue what was coming on my way. However, the journey has been very good and I am expecting positive results coming on my way from the learnings. Coach Smita has been a very patient listener, clearly understanding my thoughts, emotions and aspirations.”

- Gautam, Senior Finance Professional. Smita worked with Gautam to enhance his communication skills

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We frequently look for improvement outside of ourselves. However, there is immense potential for personal development that we often ignore or refuse to acknowledge. This course aids in recognizing those gaps and inspires improvement in the learner. I heartily urge everyone to enroll in this course in order to fill in the gaps and upgrade to a “Self 2.0”.”

- Sunith, Senior  Professional at an Indian Conglomerate. Smita worked with Sunith to enhance his executive skills 

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I always look forward to my sessions with Smita.


Before I met Smita, I was very scattered in my thought process. Working with her has helped me structure my thoughts and be more organized in general.


Looking forward to my upcoming sessions with Smita.

-Himani Khatri, Associate Director at a leading insurance firm in India. Smita has been working with Himani for a year in various areas

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Smita has helped unleash a new dimension in me. She has helped me be more positive and growth-oriented. My life has turned around in a 360 way. I am very happy that I came across Smita at a crucial juncture of my life and she helped me get out of my mundane life.

Thanks, Smita, and God bless!

- Pushkala, a senior professional in financial services. Smita worked with Pushkala for career clarity, confidence building and executive communication

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Smita has been a very good coach/mentor who takes pride in one’s growth and transformation. She is very involved in your everyday life and suggests a personalized change in ways to make a difference in one’s life which her coaching ways unique and successful.”

- Subash, a Creative Professional. Smita worked with Subash for career clarity and direction

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I had an excellent experience with Smita and the program really helped me identify my weak areas and Smita’s suggestions and guidance were instrumental in working on them. The tasks provided were catered to my focus goals and were really helpful in achieving my target.”

- Parag Srivastava, Partner, Bombay Law Chambers. Smita worked with Parag to enhance his social communication skills and self-confidence levels

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Smita gave me amazing techniques to improve my executive communication which are practical and easily implementable. I have already started many of these techniques in my professional environment and its providing me good results.

-Nishant Shah, Associate Director, PwC.
Smita coached Nishant on Executive Communication Skills 

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In my journey with Smita I am grateful for the progress I have made in my thoughts and actions. She has been patient with me and guided me through many decisions that I had been trying to make for sometime now. I hope to grow more with her and wish she can help many others.

- G, Entrepreneur. Smita worked with G on confidence building, communication and developing emotional resilience

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Smita is able to help her clients resolve the customized problem statement they come to her with without following a rigid coaching template. She is able to deep dive to even understand and resolve the other areas that need addressing around a key issue.”

Tanvi, a marketing professional. Smita coached Tanvi on career clarity and transition

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Smita is amazing at her work, she is well versed with the Indian Job Market. I do recommend her to freshers, looking out for jobs, unaware of the process of recruitment.”

- M, a law professional. Smita worked with M on career clarity roadmap

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Coach Smita is superb subject matter expert. I really enjoyed the session received excellent solutions of my problems. I strongly recommend her for communication and career advices.

-Shalabh, senior professional in automobile industry. Smita worked with Shalabh to enhance his executive communication skills

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I must say Smita is a great coach. She helped me in discovering my strengths and blind spots. Her personalized coaching format tools are appropriate, helping me to refine my leadership & management techniques.

- Rishi Jain,
VP Engineering in a leading bank in India. Smita worked with Rishi to enhance his executive communication skills 

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Smita listens to me without judgement and helps me co-develop a new strategy to achieve my solution. My life is so much better now in the areas that I am working on with her since the start of the program. I highly recommend her.”

JJ, senior content leader. Smita worked with JJ to enhance her executive communication skills.

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Smita is a great coach and listens to client’s problems and understand their situation. She helps to create actionable plans to achieve targeted results.”

Deepak S, leader in a Big 4 firm. Smita worked with Deepak to enhance his executive communication skills.

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Smita genuinely cares & listens very attentively to understand where i am coming from.


With my past experience and goals in mind, she comes up with practical and doable action plans which are measurable. Plus, she patiently explains the science behind everything.


I surely look forward to growing professionally and personally with her awesome support.

-Rohit, Senior Director in a new-age tech company. Smita has been working with Rohit for six months in various areas

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The coaching sessions helped me gain a different perspective.


Smita worked with me to lay out focused goals and also shared her own experiences which really helped me gain more confidence in achieving my goals.


I would happily recommend her to anyone who is looking for career guidance and direction.

- Ashwathi, Associate Director in a Big-4 firm. Smita worked with Ashwathi to enhance her leadership skills in a new role

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I liked the concepts and the way it was delivered to me in the sessions & also I observed in each session, coach was very much active and enthusiastic to understand the development areas and expectation of the individual. Program was customized which kept me interesting. I was most fascinated throughout all the sessions, but to pen down one topic in particular was the 5 Rules of communication structure which has taught me to mould and give a good shape to my communication. Overall it is really a satisfactory program for me personally and kudos to Smita & I wish her all the best for her future plans.”

- Magesh, General Manager in a  diversified MNC. Smita worked with Magesh to enhance his executive communication skills

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Working with Smita has been an incredibly enriching experience. Her Lead Management System technique is a very innovative way to communicate effectively with different types of communicators. In these sessions, I not only gained a deeper understanding of myself but also honed my communication skills, especially through storytelling.

Smita's coaching has empowered me to be a better listener and convey my thoughts and emotions with impact, fostering stronger connections with others.


Thanks to her support and expertise, I've achieved personal growth and am now better equipped to navigate life's challenges with a positive mindset. I highly recommend Smita to anyone seeking transformational coaching.”

- Anurag, CXO. Smita worked with Anurag to enhance his executive communication skills

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Working with Smita Das Jain as my coach has been a transformative experience. Their insightful guidance and unwavering support have helped me gain clarity, set meaningful goals, and overcome obstacles.


Thanks to Smita, I have made significant progress in both my personal and professional life, and I highly recommend their coaching services to anyone seeking positive change and growth.

-Sunil, a senior professional in a leading IT services company. Sunil worked with Smita to enhance his confidence and executive communication skills

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Smita was a good sounding board for my issues and challenges and helped me shift to a bigger perspective.


I am inspired to look at my situation as an exciting challenge. I would highly recommend her as a coach.

- SG, Associate Director in a Big-4 firm. SG worked with Smita to enhance his executive communication and confidence

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Smita is an astute coaching with very great attention to needs of the clients. Her observations are very much to the points and her prophecy about the issues reflects her experience in this field. It was certainly an enriching coaching from Smita.”

- Vineet, Senior Finance Professional. Vineet worked with Smita to enhance his executive communication skills

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I had the privilege of working with Ms. Smita Das Jain during my job search, and I can't thank her enough. She provided invaluable guidance, helping me refine my resume, improve my interview skills, and develop a strategic approach to networking. Smita is a methodical, thorough professional who comes prepared with solutions for every session. She helped me navigate the intricate world of networking, offered practical advice on building a professional network, leveraging social media, and making meaningful connections within my industry. She is not just a coach but a true partner in your career journey, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to achieve their professional goals.”

- Archana K, Senior HR Professional. Archana worked with Smita for career clarity and direction

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Smita is empathetic and an excellent coach.

She helped me look at the situation differently and understand my circle of control better. She also guided me through small steps that can be taken that can unlock and unleash myself fully.

-CC, Senior Director in India's leading FMCG company. Smita worked with CC to enhance her executive presence

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As mentioned by her, Smita  did take that extra effort to continually improve me. She helped me in breaking my shell and come out of it. The motivation I got from her made me realise my potential too. Thanks to her, now I think about myself too. My objectives are clear now.

- SA, PGT Teaching Professional. Smita helped SA on career clarity and confidence building

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Smita helped me build my confidence through simple, effective and practical techniques.”

- S, an IT professional. S worked with Smita to enhance her executive communication and presence

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Smita, I wish I took these coaching sessions long back. Now I feel like I have formulae and I just have do the workings.”

MV, Founder of a leading IT services company. Smita worked with MV to enhance his executive communication and presence

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Working with Smita, I have improved my professional relationships and work performance. She  tackles specific challenges and gives practical inputs to work on at the end of each session. Her techniques helped me in identifying my strengths and improved my work life.  She is kind, understanding but still kept me very accountable. Thank you Smita!

-Srinivas V, a mid-level IT professional. Smita worked with Srinivas to enhance his executive communication skills

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Smita has a unique way to probe you through her questions. She really brought to light some ingrained sabotaging habits of mine. I feel less burdened every week I get to talk with her.

- B, a senior IT Professional. Smita helped B to be more disciplined on his career goals and manage his time more effectively

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Smita is a wonderful coach to work with. She brings results. Period.”

- Navneetha, U.K. based coach. Navneetha worked with Smita to establish her coaching business

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I'm immensely grateful to Smita for her invaluable guidance and different perspectives, which proved instrumental in my negotiation journey. Her expert advice and unwavering support reshaped my approach, providing me right mindset and confidence essential for successful negotiations.

Moreover, her coaching shifted my perspective, helping me see change as an opportunity for growth rather than a challenge to fear. With her support, I've embraced a more positive outlook and approach to life's transitions.”

PA, Head Legal at a large Indian conglomerate. Smita worked with PA on career clarity roadmap, transition plan and enhancing negotiation skills

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I found Smita through a Google search and chose her over other options as I found her work to be more grounded and impactful in serving individualistic needs. I'm quite happy with the progress I've made with her over 8 sessions where not only she shared with me some great insights around effective communication and stakeholder management, but also helped me with her ideas in my day to day situations. I would highly recommend her for people in their mid to senior management levels who are willing to sharpen their executive presence and get clarity on their growth levers.

-Manisha, Head of APAC Tech Sales at a leading tech company. Smita worked with Manisha on career progression and growth strategy

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