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Remember to Give Yourself Credit for Your Accomplishments

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

More likely than not, you have been too busy in the rat race to pat yourself on the back for your achievements.

You were the size of less than a palm of your hand when born. You have grown taller from then to now, both in feet and deeds. You have filled up your recognition cabinet and bank balance from none to what you have achieved now. But more likely than not, you have been too busy in the rat race to pat yourself on the back for your achievements.

Factors that Stop You from Celebrating Yourself

1. Humbleness

Being humble has always been a hallmark of kindness and esteem, and self-celebration has conventionally been frowned upon. But nothing stops you from being humble while still giving yourself credit for your accomplishments. When you take pride in what you have done, the building blocks of self-esteem become tighter and tighter and ultimately, you learn to trust yourself and your decisions.

If you don’t broadcast your achievements, others will find it difficult to know what you have accomplished. More importantly, you will not feel good about the person you are.

So go ahead and blow your trumpet. For if you don’t, no one else will.

2. Overlooking the trees for the wood

Yes, I have turned the proverb the other way around. Most of the time, we focus on the destination too much that we forget to enjoy the journey. A thousand-kilometer journey begins with one small step. And you must give equal importance to every intermediate step towards achieving that big goal.

Celebrate your small achievements by rewarding yourself. Rewards are essential for building self-esteem and collecting the building blocks necessary for success. For each step, you take towards your goal, reward yourself with something that will motivate you to take the next step. A day off with family or getting something for yourself that you have wanted for a long time can be perfect.

3. Lack of self-worth

Most people often find it difficult to define themselves as worthy and successful. Instead, they dwell on their failures rather than successes and avoid telling their colleagues, friends and peers about their lists of achievements.

When you give yourself credit for your achievements before your friends, competitors and customers, they are likely to begin conversations and reach out to know the reasons behind your success. These conversations, in turn, will help you to forge more meaningful connections.

4. Overlooking personal milestones

When it comes to giving credit to yourself, people often think about their professional success while overlooking their personal milestones. Human beings bring their whole selves to work, and your personal achievements contribute to the confidence you bring to the work table.

You may have lost weight over a period of time or achieved another personal goal that to be proud of. Give yourself credit for it- publicly. While you don’t have to boast about yourself until people are bored, use it as a way to motivate others and yourself.

As a self-reliant and intrinsically motivated individual, patting yourself on the back is a required trait. Knowledge sharing of your success will benefit others while also making them sit up, notice you, and respect you for your hard work.

Let go of that hesitation, conventional belief and confusion. Let the world know of the little or big successes you are proud of. Celebrate yourself and let others celebrate you. You could become an inspiration for others.

Smita Das Jain is a Personal Empowerment Life Coach, Executive Coach and NLP Practitioner. Through her ‘Empower Yourself’ Coaching Program, Smita enables busy working professionals to create a career they love, find time to do all they like and live the life they choose. She helps executives become leaders by getting better at what they do. Smita has more than 14 years of leadership experience with Fortune 500 companies like KPMG and JLL. She is also a speaker and a bestselling fiction author. You can learn more about Smita’s ‘Empower Yourself’ Coaching Programs by visiting

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