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5 Brilliant Time Management Tips to Work Smart and Play More

Effective time management is more about how to work smarter, not harder.

Time Management

We are living in a fast-paced world. With so much happening at once, staying focused on our aspirations is quite challenging. In this competitive environment, success is tied to the smart work you put in amidst all the distractions around you. You have to adapt fast to achieve your goals.

When you take a smart approach to your tasks, you tend to experience more joy since you achieve more with your sharp efforts and in a quick time. The smart working methodology also gives you time to discover new perspectives, giving you a deeper understanding of your goals.

The 5 tips shared below will enable you to work more efficiently and enhance your time management skills:

1. Reduce Distractions

A study from Simon Fraser University found when people begin to manage and reduce distractions around them, they get better with their focus. Reduce distractions, and you will be able to remember what you have read or learned. Better concentration levels further reduce the chances of committing mistakes. Start managing distractions now in the following ways:

● Turn off your phone or keep at a distance

● Switch off your notifications; check them only after a set period

● Find a quiet, comfortable place free of acoustical and visual distractions

● Schedule blocks of quiet time for uninterrupted focus

2. Stabilise Your Focus

Smart work requires focused effort and an optimum absorption level in your task. With so much information coming at us from everywhere all the time, giving deep attention to tasks becomes essential. Once you reduce the distractions around you, practice mindfulness by giving your full attention to a task. You will be able to achieve more effectiveness and efficiency in your tasks. You can strengthen your focus with the following tips:

● Set an alarm and define a time frame for your tasks, so you can get time to focus

● Priorities tasks that stimulate you to avoid getting bored easily

● Take a streamlined approach to doing your tasks, so you can stay more focused.

3. Seek Diverse Experiences

One of the most effective ways to get smarter in your work is by exposing yourself to varied, interesting and unexpected scenarios. Research at Ohio State University found when people were exposed to new experiences regularly, they began to embrace further information or tasks with a warm attitude and processed it more effectively. Keep seeking diverse experiences to expand your ability to perceive and retain new things.

4. Get Sufficient Sleep

One of the most ignored health aspects in modern times is getting enough sleep. Many researchers have found sleep a fundamental necessity to strengthen your focus. A study