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5 Simple Ways to Control Your Online Habits for Effective Time Management

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

-Declutter Your Digital Life: Part II

Effective time management entails control over internet surfing and establishing better online productivity habits as part of your routine.

Personal Empowerment Life Coach Smita D Jain on Digital Declutter

Effective time management entails controlling your internet surfing and establishing better online productivity habits as part of your routine. Limited online surfing helps you achieve more focus throughout your day. The more you focus on work during daytime business hours, the more personal time you will get during the evening.

These 5 tips will allow you to establish better internet habits and enhance productivity.

1. Have a plan.

A plan for your day – even if it is a simple bullet list of to-do items – will help you be more productive. Organise your tasks into personal and professional buckets. You can either use the “brain dump” method, where you write down every single thing that’s on your mind and then organise it into categories, or use the rule of three to schedule your priorities. A man with a plan achieves more than one who is busy the entire day without understanding what keeps him occupied.

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2. Schedule how much time you will allot for online surfing.

Use the time block method to allocate a certain number of hours on your calendar to work on critical personal and professional tasks during the day. Simply follow the plan and see your productivity increase because you know exactly what you need to do next. Try this method, especially for tasks you don’t enjoy, and see the work getting completed as quickly as possible.

3. Reduce your online to-do list.

Create a realistic to-do list to make your day more productive. This means cutting the items off your list that can wait until another day or be delegated to someone else. Don’t bet on all your eggs to hatch in one day; you will naturally run out of time in that case. Prioritise and do the most pressing online tasks that cannot be put off. You will produce better quality work when you are unperturbed with your online list.

4. Take breaks to give your internet habits a break.

Your mind starts to wander when you are online for a long time. You get distracted and strive to engage in less meaningful activities, reducing your focus and productivity. Instead of sitting at your desk for hours, take regular breaks throughout the day; your mind and body will thank you. Unplug from technology at times. Your mind will be sharper and more focused on performing the tasks after the hiatus.

5. Batch the more challenging tasks before lunchtime.

Slot the more difficult of your to-do items before heading off to lunch. This “eating the frog” technique gives you an immediate sense of accomplishment after finishing the task. Your mind is sharper in the morning, and you will be able to perform difficult tasks more quickly than if you were to leave it to the second half of the day.

Avoiding distractions throughout the workday is paramount to your success, especially if you WFH. Try these five tips to control your online habits; you might just surprise yourself with your increased productivity.

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Smita D Jain is a Certified Personal Empowerment Life Coach, Executive Coach and NLP Practitioner. Smita’s ‘Empower Yourself’ Personal Clarity Coaching Programs enable busy professionals unhappy in their jobs to find time for their passions and transform them into professions so that they work because they want to, not because they have to.

Prior to her journey as a coach, Smita had extensive experience of 14 years as a corporate and business strategy professional with Fortune 500 companies. She is also a speaker at various public forums, a published writer, and an Amazon bestselling author.

You can learn more about Smita’s ‘Empower Yourself’ Coaching Programs by visiting and book a complimentary strategy session at


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