In a dynamic world where people are too preoccupied with making a living to live their life...

Smita is the ONLY Personal Empowerment Life Coach providing quick and easy actionables to busy professionals unhappy in their jobs


Find Time For Your Passions and
Transform Them into Profession,

so that

You Work Because You Want to
Not Because You Have to.

It is possible to wake up with a smile every single day of your life.

Meet Smita


Cerified Personal Empowerment Life Coach| Certified Executive Coach| Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

I am a Certified Personal Empowerment Life Coach, Certified Executive Coach and a Certified NLP Practitioner enabling people to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. As a Personal Empowerment Life Coach, I specialise in helping busy professionals unhappy in their jobs to find time for their passions and transform them into pursuits. As a corporate professional who has led multiple teams with diverse talent, I understand what drives and dissuades people from living their best lives. As an Executive Coach, I apply structured tools and techniques to empower mid-level executives to communicate their way to influence up the corporate ladder and emerge leaders faster than envisaged.

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How Can I Support You

Find Time for all that Matters

Communicate with Confidence

Transform Passions into Profession

Achieve Financial Independence

Manage Career Transitions

Take the First Step to Transform Your Passions into Profession. Make time for all that you love to do in your everyday life, and be confident to do it.

“Smita has made me realise that the answers to my problems are within me. My productivity increased and confidence sky-rocketed after the sessions with her. She celebrated my small successes and helped me overcome my challenges. I have now started to believe that my goals are within reach.”

- Meghana, Vice President in one of India's Leading Banks 

“Smita has a very structured approach of looking at issues and uncover the challenges that you didn't realise you had in the first place. My communication skills have improved and confidence levels elevated, ever since we have been working together. I highly recommend her.”

- Rahul, Leadership Role of a leading Real Estate MNC in India

Having worked with multiple coaches in a two-decade and a half career, I can safely say that Smita is one of the most committed coaches I have come across. She is able to listen well, and ask probing questions for the coachees to come up with solutions. She was able to get to the root of the issue in my case early and offer a specific tool to address it. Recommend her strongly to anyone looking for transformation in any aspect of their life.”

- Madhumita Chakraborty. Madhumita hired Smita's coaching services to transition to a full-time corporate role after a semi sabbatical.

“Smita was a great coach and accountability partner in my wellness journey. She made me realise that wellness is a holistic approach rather than a momentary step, helped me lay out a roadmap to enhance my health, and then challenged me to exceed my personal targets. I feel physically and emotionally rejuvenated, thanks in no small measure to her. I would highly recommend her to someone looking at wellness and effective workplace stress management.”

- Sapna, Country Manager, Leading Real Estate MNC in India


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