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5 Thoughtful Pieces of Advice To Discover A Career You Love

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Doing a job you hate is no less than a life sentence. Doing a job you love sets you free. Find a job you love early on to make every day pleasant.

Discover A Career

Creating a career you love can be a powerful way to embed enjoyment and contentment into your life. Finding a job you will love may need some effort but when you get to do what you love, you will find your effort totally worth it. When you feel more fulfilled with your dream job, it impacts other areas of your life in an encouraging way.

Tips To Build A Career You Love

To find a career you adore, knowing your own goals can be a useful way to start. Although you would be making several meaningful decisions to ensure you are achieving your career goals according to your own objectives.

Here Are 5 Powerful Steps To Help You Build A Career You Love.

1. Identify Your Career Goals And Values

You need to rigorously think about your own career goals. Identify your personal values to be embedded in your professional life. These well-defined objectives will guide you significantly during the decision-making. Suppose you like to serve your community you can find your career in hospitality, healthcare and other such industries. If you are inclined towards artistic values, you can be a musician or painter.

2. Brainstorm and analyse careers

Once you define your career goals according to your own values, you can brainstorm types of career choices accordingly. You should do in-depth research on relevant career paths with an open mind to seek the perfect job. Keep exposing yourself to new and exciting career types to determine the appropriate career.

Are in the right job or career? You will do well to ask this question of yourself. If the answer is no, you may consider changing your career path.

3. Believe you have the competence

If you’re sceptical you create your own reality, start believing in yourself, this is one of the most effective tips to getting a job. You have to believe that it’s really possible to create a career path you will love as per your life objective instead of just making money for a living. That belief will empower you to build a strong base for the career you have always dreamt of.

4. Take firm action to turn your goal into reality

Once you determine the career you want to pursue, you need to take firm steps to make that happen. Analyse the process, and define the action plan of what you need to accomplish to achieve your career goals. Always design your plan while defining the specific milestones with specific dates. Such thoughtful planning will help you track your progress toward achieving them.

5. Regularly assess and stay flexible

Sometimes finding a career you love means pursuing a career path that is unique or unusual. If you find an opportunity that suits your objectives and values, consider trying it and assess your progress periodically. Frequently evaluate your career progress and make adaptations as necessary to achieve your career goals.

As you pursue a career that you love, it's important to consult a mentor. Talking to an experienced coach about your career goals also helps you gain insight with a distinct perspective while getting to know about smart tips to getting a job.

Are you in the right job? Take the Free ‘Are You in The Right Career Assessment’ to identify whether you are in the right job and discover what type of jobs you will excel at. The results of this test will be your guide towards a successful career change.

Smita D Jain is a Certified Life Coach, Executive Coach and NLP Practitioner. Smita’s ‘Empower Yourself’ Personal Clarity Coaching Programs enable busy professionals unhappy in their jobs to tap into their passions and transform them into professions so that they work because they want to, not because they have to.

Before her journey as a coach, Smita had extensive experience of 14 years as a corporate and business strategy professional with Fortune 500 companies. She is also a speaker at various public forums, a published writer, and an Amazon bestselling author.

You can learn more about Personal Empowerment Life Coach and Executive Coach Smita D Jain’s ‘Empower Yourself’ Coaching Programs by visiting and book a complimentary strategy session at

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