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Five Ways to Discover Your Passions for a Successful Career and Satisfying Life

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

You would love to follow the advice “Follow Your Passions, and Success Will Follow '' if only you knew what your passions exactly were. Follow the five steps mentioned to discover your passions.

how to find your passion

You must have heard the advice to follow your passions, to follow the success many times before from friends, family members, well-wishers, counsellors, motivational speakers and so on. Have you also been told how to find your passion? Do you often feel curious to know about the things you are passionate about?

Finding your passion is an incredible process that can sometimes be a lifelong journey. Once you learn how to find your passion and discover your apt passions, it makes you feel fulfilled and motivated to find and do jobs you will enjoy and succeed in. When you learn to integrate your passions into your life, your future and so your life transforms significantly.

5 Ways to Identify Your Passion

If you are feeling stuck in finding a way to identify what you are passionate about, you need to work through the process. You need to put time into discovering what is your passion in life that you would really want to work upon. Let’s take a closer look at what you should look for in your daily life that will help to find your passions.

1. Adopt the aspirational perspective

Choose to adopt the perspective that you can do what you love with your life and you will find what is your passion in life. Surround yourself with and talk to like-minded people and look for high points in your day. By developing such a mindset, you come a bit closer to knowing passions related to your career by determining where and with whom your high points occur.

2. Find the experiences that stand apart

Think about what you have already enjoyed doing. Point out the things you already love to do. Pay attention to where you love to spend your time and money. You will find certain experiences more exciting than others. Once you find things you love to teach or talk about, you need to seek ways to tie those things with your life in the long term.

3. Determine your strengths to focus upon

For a sustainable career intertwined with your passion, you need to get realistic about whether this could actually turn into a career. Find out how your passion contributes to society while also making a consistent income. Determine your strengths and develop them for a profitable passion. Learn the expertise required and prepare yourself by strengthening both your hard and soft skills accordingly.

4. Explore and examine your fears to overcome them

When you identify your passion and do adequate research you might come across many fearful feelings such as failure, success, visibility, and vulnerability. Instead of getting overwhelmed, examine the details and break down your fears. Deeply exploring these factors can take time but will help you to overcome them.

5. Explore career paths to find the next appropriate step

After you have identified your strengths regarding your passion along with areas of concern, you need to spend time exploring job perspectives based on those insights. Even if you are not able to convert your passion into an exact career, you can still use those insights in your job search to find a career that can let you pursue your passion while balancing a full-time job.

If you could do one thing to transform your life, it would be to find what is your passion in life and do it for a living. They are right there in front of you, you just have to learn how to find your passion to identify them. Make yourself feel satisfied, motivated, and fulfilled by finding your passion.

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Smita D Jain is a Certified Life Coach, Executive Coach and NLP Practitioner. Smita’s ‘Empower Yourself’ Personal Clarity Coaching Programs enable busy professionals unhappy in their jobs to tap into their passions and transform them into professions so that they work because they want to, not because they have to.

Before her journey as a coach, Smita had extensive experience of 14 years as a corporate and business strategy professional with Fortune 500 companies. She is also a speaker at various public forums, a published writer, and an Amazon bestselling author.

You can learn more about Personal Empowerment Life Coach and Executive Coach Smita D Jain’s ‘Empower Yourself’ Coaching Programs by visiting and book a complimentary strategy session at

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