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5 Simple Tips to Pursue Your Passion While Balancing a Full Time Job

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

You need not necessarily quit your day job to pursue your passions. Keep your day job to leverage the freedom that comes with a stable income and a predictable establishment to give time to your side hustle without any pressure.

pursue your passion

Do you often feel a storm of thoughts of dropping everything and choosing your passion as career? But simultaneously, do you also feel the lack of required courage to take such a big, life-changing leap However, you exactly do not need to leave your day job to pursue your passion.

It is possible to keep doing your corporate job while following your passion by imposing some discipline in your personal and professional life. When you find something you're passionate about, find a feasible way to fit it into your career and you will find real success. Let us have a look at the ways that can help you balance job security and entrepreneurial urges.

Tips To Pursue Your Passion Along with Your Job in a Balanced Way

Passion is broadly defined as the activity which brings utmost happiness whereas a job is necessary for fulfilling monetary needs. You may not be passionate about your career as you should be. Being professionally fulfilled gives you the freedom to continue following your personal dreams. You can follow the tips mentioned below to experience the best aspects of passion as well as profession:

1. Manage Time:

We all have a limited time and how we extract the best from it, defines our success. When you are not so passionate about your career and have to pursue your passion along with your day job, time becomes one of the most crucial factors to handle. Prioritise your goals wisely, allocate ample time frames to them and follow these outstanding time management techniques to get more out of your day.

2. Assess Constantly:

Along with time management, always keep looking for the latest tools and techniques that can get you to achieve your goals more efficiently, be it related to your passion or job. When you are not able to choose your passion as career, research the latest development in the field of your passion that can be a productive step in the right direction for you.

3. Maintain a Distinct Approach:

If you are not passionate about your career, then you should keep a distinct approach for both. Avoid ignoring one of them at the cost of another. Avoid multitasking and follow monotasking. You can get things done faster and better through monotasking and achieve goals in both fields of life.

4. Seek Guidance:

If you want to be successful with your passion read into the lives of some high-achievers in that field. Similarly for your job, connect with professional coaches who will guide you through useful career options in future. There will be some setbacks while handling your profession and passion and such guidance provides you with the necessary insights to tackle it properly and move on.

5. Create a Network:

The best way to pursue a goal when you can not pick your passion as career is to keep yourself in touch with like-minded people having similar goals. Like-minded people whether they are related to your passion or profession keep you focused accordingly and you will never find yourself bored and estranged away from your goals.

Work is not the sole purpose of one’s life and following your passion may not be sustainable enough. Spend your time smartly and grind creatively to experience the best of both worlds.

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Smita D Jain is a Certified Life Coach, Executive Coach and NLP Practitioner. Smita’s ‘Empower Yourself’ Personal Clarity Coaching Programs enable busy professionals unhappy in their jobs to tap into their passions and transform them into professions so that they work because they want to, not because they have to.

Before her journey as a coach, Smita had extensive experience of 14 years as a corporate and business strategy professional with Fortune 500 companies. She is also a speaker at various public forums, a published writer, and an Amazon bestselling author.

You can learn more about Personal Empowerment Life Coach and Executive Coach Smita D Jain’s ‘Empower Yourself’ Coaching Programs by visiting and book a complimentary strategy session at

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