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60 Simple Ways to Leverage the Power of Positive Thinking at Work

Updated: Jan 25

A role model of a boss or windfall gains are factors outside your control. But the choice to maintain a positive attitude under all circumstances very much is. As leaders, you can develop a positive attitude at work to forge a positive work environment.

Executive Coach and Personal Empowerment Life Coach Smita D Jain talks about maintaining a positive attitude at work

Work is integral to living a fulfilling life, especially if you have big dreams you want to accomplish at work. But often, people work out of compulsion and see the office as a torturous place they would rather run away from.

Why do you think some people spend so much of their hard-earned money on lottery tickets every week? They hope to escape what they do for a living. Unfortunate but true.

Windfall gain, a role model of a boss, higher compensation, supportive colleagues, and co-workers are all factors outside your control. What you do have in your control is your own attitude. See your current environment and make it the most positive work environment possible. Instead of looking at your current workplace as a dark cloud eliciting negative and gloomy feelings, a positive mindset will enable you to focus on the silver lining.

How to Use the Power of Positive Thinking at Work

Here are 20 ways you can shift your negative feelings about your work into positive ones:

1. Practice gratitude. Be grateful that your job pays the bills. Be thankful that you are working instead experiencing unemployment and not knowing when the next job opening will appear.

2. Create business boundaries. Set business hours and reserve your free time for yourself, friends, and family.

3. Look for the good in people instead of assuming the worst.

4. Celebrate your small achievements. Small building blocks lead to great things.

5. Schedule “play time” in your calendar. Everything else is booked, so why not your free time?

6. Keep your office space clutter-free. You’ll focus on what’s important instead of being distracted with miscellaneous busy work.

7. Add joy to your office with personal mementoes. Show off your personality or add things that keep you grounded, especially during difficult situations. Your office is a blank canvas – make it an extension of you.

8. Look at your vision board daily to remember your WHY. Stay inspired with these photos of your hopes and dreams. Knowing WHY you’re in this business and what you hope to accomplish will motivate you to achieve great things.

9. Keep your personal problems off social media. You’ll only invite nasty comments and unsolicited advice. Plus, your posts could influence some prospects not to hire you.

10. Build a support network for times when your positivity is lacking. Even with all this talk of positivity, you WILL have bad day